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Being aware of our health


We want to be the best in our field. Reliability, speed, quality and communication are a matter of course for us. We bring these strengths and our expertise to our work with pleasure in order to sustainably increase the success of our partners in the market. To justify the trust placed in us, we regularly take a critical look at our service and work continuously on improvements. This is our understanding of service. Entrepreneurial thinking and pro-active action are very important to us.

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Spirulina contains many valuable ingredients. The spirulina algae strengthens our immune system and protects us from free radicals. The microalgae helps the body with the protein supply due to its enormously high protein content. Spirulina has a health-promoting effect on elevated blood lipid levels, allergies, liver damage and is used to prevent cancer. The alga is also said to help with a weakened immune system. The blue-green alga lowers the blood sugar and can be used so with diabetes meaningfully.

The Acai berry contains a high portion of antioxidants, which are said to have a cell-protecting effect. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect in the body. The Acai is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, and can thus contribute to a healthy function of the nerves, muscles, cell division and metabolism.

With the right
thought to the goal!

As entrepreneurs, we see our personal success not only in the monetary result, but rather in the inner fulfillment of our entrepreneurial aspirations, which of course also includes economic success. It is important to take a look in the mirror - every morning. Laws rarely serve morals and moral behaviour cannot be read in paragraphs.

It is the appreciation of the company and all employees towards the customer, partners, society and ultimately the world. This appreciation is what has brought us together, it is the basis of our developments and our entrepreneurial striving. Values are not to be proven with certificates, but with the grown trust of our Partners.

Über uns

Bekim Berisha
Co - Founder

Bekim Berisha - Star Motivator, Powerseller, CEO.
The heart of Vipwell inspires with his positive thinking AND actions. From the beginnings in the mid 90s, when he came to Switzerland with a lack of German language skills and earned his money as a warehouse worker, to becoming the most successful network marketing Networkmarketing entrepreneur in the Balkans - an exciting journey.
Qualify for the Leadership Seminar I and meet with one of the most outstanding outstanding personalities of the European entrepreneurial elite !

Mister B.

Mister B. - legendary company founder
The brains of Vipwell, responsible for strategy AND implementation of expansion.
At the age of 24, he moved from investment banking at a major German bank into self-employment. His meteoric rise continued permanently with the foundation of Vipwell in 2010. Today, he lives on his estate in the Pyrenees and rarely makes public appearances If you'd like to meet him, qualify for Leadership Seminar II, where he'll give you plenty of money-making tips as a speaker (and is also available for a photo).