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Online sales are explicitly desired, but under a few conditions. Our products may not be sold through external shops such as Amazon. You can get your own shop and homepage from Vipwell GMBH. We have developed a duplicable shop system especially for online sales. Additional online promotions that bring customers to your own page are also highly recommended, provided that some criteria are met. For further regulations please read our Corporate Identity Information. There you will find information about the legal prohibition of healing statements and further legal information. You can find all this information in your back office.

That depends entirely on your goals! Whether you want to start with a few hours per week in addition to your job or family, or whether you want to start as a full-time active participant is up to you. Experience has shown that with 2 hours per day on 3-4 days a week, or with 2 actions per week already great success can be achieved.

This depends first and foremost on your commitment. We have developed a bonus plan that distributes the bonuses to our partners in a very fair way With a small effort of a few hours per month it is realistic to get a bonus payment of about 500,-€. With a medium commitment (20 hours per week) and a little patience, realistic bonus payments of 2.000,- to 8.000,- € per month can be earned. With entrepreneurial commitment, there are theoretically no upper limits. A look at the highest bonus levels shows that even very large amounts are possible here When creating our bonus plan, we made sure that there is a balance in earnings between the "small networkers" and the executives as well as global players. In our academy you will learn how to optimize your personal success and how networking is easy and sustainable.

We always have an open ear for your questions! Depending on the question area, you will find a large pool of answers in the FAQ, in the back office or in the academy. If you get stuck here, please contact our customer support or your sponsor.

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